20 ywars “Indira Gandhi” Kindergarten in Pravetz

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This well known in Bulgaria Kindergarten celebrated its 20th anniversary under the honorary patronship of the Mayor of Pravetz Mr. Krassimir Zhivkov. Besides all modern utilities which the children have in the Kindergarten, they dispose of a swimming pool for the Summer; go for skiing in the mountain in winter; part of them have special hours at the City University, training in business matters, have even togas and square hats as academicians; visit museums and galleries ­ in general learn from this early age about the values in life. Representatives of the Embassy of India visit every year the Kindergarten, they invite for their festive day guests from many official institutions, even the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Purvanov has been their guest. The Friends of India Club sent greetings on the occasion to the Director of the “Indira Gandhi” Kindergarten in Pravez Mrs. Valchanova and the children, wishing them to keep up to the pride of the name of their patron.