Dr. Antoaneta Zarkova 


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Ayurveda is the oldest healing system in the world. It has been practiced

in India for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda is recognized by the

government of India as a wholesome medical system and by the World

Health Organization as a system with beneficial influence on human health.

It has a fully developed infrastructure with universities, hospitals, research

centers and pharmaceutical industry. This lecture is an attempt to briefly

present the essence of Ayurveda’s eternal wisdom and to promote its popularization in an authentic and genuine form. There is a registered

Ayurvedic center functioning in Sofia since 2004. It offers consultations

and the whole range of Ayurvedic treatment methods. It is run by the

author - Dr. Antoaneta Zarkova, MD, who is a specialist with 20 years

of experience, most of which at the National Center of Haematology in

Sofia. Dr. Zarkova is following the path of yoga and her spiritual name is

Atma Jyoti. She specialized Ayurveda in centers in India and Europe as


For more information about the Ayurvedic center run by Dr. Zarkova visit